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Waste Managment & Recycling

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We provide both professional curbside trash pickup and commercial waste management solutions. We garauntee a safe pickup, transportation and disposal of your waste.
We have an extensive recyling program that selectively caters to our various needs of our customers. Residential, Commercial and Industrial.
Whether it's a one-time bulk waste pickup bin or regular commercial trash services, Can Pak provides a range of dumpsters rentals and service schedules to match your need.
Wanting to recycle your organic waste? Can Pak Environmental has an effective and economical organic service.
Can Pak Enviro Waste Hauler

We handle ALL of your waste problems and recyclables

Can Pak is entirely self-sufficient with 100% access to our own facilities across Alberta. This allows us to be more efficient and provide a faster service for our customers. Our infrastructure is geared towards that goal of being completely customer service driven.

Can Pak is an enterprising company located in central Alberta. My family started in the waste business in the mid 1950s. Their company was my introduction to this industry. I have continued to work in this field. These years of experience have provided me with an extensive and thorough knowledge of the waste industry, resource recovery and associated facilities.

It is my goal to use my background and experience to continue building a successful environmental service company in Alberta. Our company prides itself on offering our services at fair competitive pricing and ensuring that our services are tailored to meet your specific waste and recycling needs.

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