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Recycling programs

Recycle More.  Save More

We make recycling easier—WeSort Recycling. It allows Residents & Commercial Businesses to put their acceptable recyclables in one bin and leaves the sorting process to us.

Making recycling easy

We have programs that make recycling efficent & profitable. Help your company & your community with CAN PAK recycling solutions today!

Recycling Container Can Pak Enviro Inc

These days, business and community leaders alike are having the same discussion about how to balance their environmental goals with their budgetary ones. WeSort recycling with Can Pak provides an efficient, sustainable solution to help achieve both.
WeSort recycling minimizes the need to sort materials. Simply place all acceptable paper, plastic, metal, and glass materials into our single bin and we'll deal with the rest. Don't waste your time.

We proudly service the following types of customers

  • Homes
  • Office & Retail Buildings
  • Transportation Facilities
  • Gas Stations
  • Construction Sites
  • Shopping Centers
  • Schools & Universities
  • Theatres & Stadiums